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Simple Dietary Tricks to achieve a Flat Stomach

The struggle to get a flat stomach is usually very common at this time of year, and most efforts often focus on doing crunches without stopping and making any type of aerobic exercise that puts us ahead. Usually we ignore the diet, and we want to stop at some tips to always be about through food.

  • Do not forget that the little things are what make the total, and the same applies when it comes to getting a flat stomach. It is important to keep in mind that just simply takes care of a number of details to get a flat stomach in better shape. Of course, we cannot ignore the sport to achieve the desired result.
  • First we will stop in a few basis points as they are to avoid the intake of soft drinks and chewing gum or eating too much salt in food. Gas drinks help increase the size of our belly, and the gas produced by chewing gum. In the case of salt things change, because what it does is increase water retention in the body that results in a visible bloating.
  • If retention is, other substances such as carbohydrates, when consumed in excess will help you perform this process that has so badly for the belly. So we must control the daily intake of carbon hydrates, and replace them if possible by comprehensive carbohydrate source.
  • Facilitate the body digests everything possible is essential to prevent the accumulation of gases in the stomach. To do this we must choose light foods low in saturated fats, which are difficult to assimilate by the body and also tend to accumulate. Along with this we must avoid foods that generate certain intolerance in the body, and also will slow your digestion. Simple steps such as sewing or preparing vegetables vapor will also help us improve and speed digestion, as well as the use of digestive teas.
  • To keep your digestive system is better to eat slowly, chewing well for maximum ease digestion. A water intake throughout the day up to two liters per day is essential to keep the digestive system clean and free of impurities so as to achieve a flatter stomach and free gas that all they do is generate swelling.

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