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Some Pharmaceutical Drugs and their Uses

Some Pharmaceutical Drugs and their Uses


They help reduce pain intensity. The adverse effects of painkillers which are administered orally are constipation and drowsiness, which may affect 80 percent of patients. Only be taken under medical prescription and must take into account any allergies or contraindications. Use phases of greatest pain in acute attacks or exacerbations of chronic cases are recommended. In general, with certain exceptions, to reduce the risk of side effects should not use more than 14 days.


Decreases inflammation complicating most back pain and improves mobility. While usually administered in combination with muscle relaxants, it is not proved that their association to obtain better effect than obtained in isolation.

Side effects are specific to each type of drug and detailed in its prospectus. The most common side effects include damage to the gastrointestinal tract, which can vary from simple heartburn to the unleashing of a bleeding ulcer, and kidney injury.

Anti-inflammatory drugs in the phases of greatest pain or acute attacks, in order to reduce the intensity of symptoms are recommended. It is convenient to use more than 14 days.

Muscle relaxants

They reduce muscle spasm and pain. The most common side effects are drowsiness and decreased reflexes, occurring in 30 percent of patients. While they are eating is important to prevent risky practices, such as driving, and refrain from drinking alcohol, since their partnership can enhance its effects and be very dangerous.

The use of muscle relaxants in the acute stages and is recommended to reduce the risk of side effects is recommended not to use more than 14 days.

Other drugs

For the treatment of pain has been proposed using different sustencias such as anti-inflammatory drugs (cortisone derivatives), Opioids, antidepressants and colchicines.

Steroidal anti-inflammatory

They are very potent anti-inflammatory, but with numerous adverse effects. The most common are on the gastrointestinal tract, which can cause anything from heartburn to bleeding ulcers. Also they increase the amount of blood sugar, can destabilize the control of diabetic generate obesity and destruction of proteins, causing long-term muscle atrophy and capillary fragility. It is recommended for intramuscular administration (not oral) and only briefly, and exceptionally when symptoms are very intense.


These morphine derivatives have a powerful calming and sometimes use has raised intense episodes that pain resistant to other drugs. Have significant side effects, such as sleepiness, decreased reflexes impaired judgment and risk of dependence. In any case it is preferable to use safer drugs.


It is a drug used for the treatment of rheumatic diseases. Its most common side effects are irritation of the digestive tract and skin problems. The available scientific studies suggest that it is effective for back pain.

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