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Special Tips to Care for Oily Skin

Special Tips to Care for Oily Skin

Care for oily skin is very important for those who have this type of skin, it helps us to prevent this condition from becoming an impediment to show off the face we want to look. Having a glowing complexion, with open pores and with a dermis that seems not receive proper cleaning is clearly upset, but with proper care and using products suitable for these skins, all these discomforts can be neutralized getting beautiful skin you want.

In addition to the clear accumulation of fat in the face, oily skin usually has other features, for example:

Open pores due to fat concentration.

Shiny appearance, especially on hot days

Thicker than Normal Skin

Thicker areas are where drying occurs as the nostrils or below the eyebrows. This problem could result in a seborrheic dermatitis, so it is important to pay attention.

If you have oily skin you should care for her all year, not just when the weather exalts the oiliness, remember that all beauty treatment is always the key constancy.

The following steps will explain it:

A key aspect oily skin care is to maintain a proper cleaning. You must cleanse your face twice a day, morning and evening in order to remove both impurities accumulate to sleep as our dermis receives throughout the day, while removing makeup.

The best alternative is to opt for light products are removed with water, such as gels, cleansing waters or soaps, avoid cleansers or cleansers as they provide more oiliness to face. It is recommended that the products are suitable for oily skin because these help maintain the balance of the dermis.

It is important not wipe your face too much or it could end up producing the opposite effect to irritate your dermis and affect your health. You should not use too abrasive products as these do not guarantee better cleaning. Remember that facial skin is very delicate and should be treated as such.

Having an oily skin does not mean that we should not moisturize, as this type of complexion also requires adequate wetting. However at this point it is essential to use a really special product for oily skin, otherwise we will increase the oiliness and make it harder to control.

For this type of dermis it is best to apply moisturizer only a good night, avoiding day creams. At night is when the skin repairs and better absorb nutrients, so opt for a cosmetic product of this type suitable for oily skin is the best option. Gels and moisturizing serum have indicated a very light texture for oily skin, so are recommended. After 25 or 30 years, you should also purchase products with anti-aging ingredients.

Exfoliation is one of the best allies to care for oily skin, so you should not miss in your weekly routine. You can choose to purchase a daily exfoliating gel cleanser or apply a special scrub for the face twice a week.

This habit will help remove dead cells that accumulate in the dermis to improve their appearance, but more importantly help keep the pores closed, as a frequent problem oily skin is precisely to have open pores. So, you get a much more smooth and beautiful skin in a simple way.

In our article how to use a scrub we explain about your application if you have doubts.

An important aspect to take care oily skin is attempting to control the tendency of the dermis to produce more oiliness, to achieve good ally facemasks are suitable for this type of dermis.

There are products, many of them natural, which help us reduce fat production in the skin, deep clean, to nourish and to close the pores, so it is recommended to use them as allies in facial care. Such masks can be applied once a week or every 15 days, guaranteeing a beautiful, healthy skin and under control.

Some good alternatives are:

The mask of green clay, ideal for absorbing fat from the skin and balance it.

Lemon masks, recommended for fat and acne skins.

Options like the mixture of kiwi and yogurt or cucumber and lemon, you can find in our article how to make masks for oily skin.

Another point that cannot forget when oily skin care is the right choice of makeup. To avoid accumulation of sebum on your dermis and unwanted glare, it is important that:

Choose a base that is special for oily skin, with mattifying effect and water-based, any oil-based product should be discarded immediately. The use of products such as bb cream is not recommended, because its highly moisturizing ingredients can increase fat in your skin.

Do not use the compact powder best for you are the translucent, special powders for your skin type. They offer coverage without producing brightness or favor increased oiliness.

If you use blush it must be powdered and never in another performance like mousse.

The papers that absorb oil without removing makeup, like rice paper and other presentations for sale in perfumeries and shops of makeup, are great allies to keep your skin shine-free throughout the day, especially during the months warm.

In our article makeup tips for oily skin recommendations we give more to show off perfect.

In addition to all the above tips, other good recommendations for oily skin care are:

oily skin care

  1. Avoid touching your face constantly, this only increases the dirt that accumulates in it can produce the oiliness increases.
  2. Haircuts in which the hair is on the face are not recommended. Do not forget that your hair also has natural sebum and if it comes into contact with your skin, fat itself, could accentuate this condition.
  3. Choose a special sunscreen for face, cosmetic and for oily skin. This will mark notably the difference in the appearance of your skin during the summer.
  4. Do not apply on your face greasy or heavy products always opt for light and special for your skin type cosmetics.
  5. Drink at least two liters of water a day, hydration is essential to have a free dermis of toxins, hydrated and beautiful.
  6. Also Watch your diet, eating a high-fat diet can increase sebum production in skin prone to it. Eating fruits and vegetables in abundance and maintaining a balanced diet will benefit your health in all aspects.

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