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Special Tips to Keep Your Nail Stronger

Special Tips to Keep Your Nail Stronger

Before applying any treatment we know what our type of nail. Increase protein intake in your diet to make them grow faster. Especially for women, nails are important for aesthetic and why not, to be fashionable. However, many have the same problem: they do not grow enough or when they do, are weak and break the first contact. In the following article you will learn more about nail care to always look beautiful.

Why your nails ruin?

To attack a problem, it is first good to know the cause of their appearance. In the case of nails, there are some habits to activities that can damage them and prevent them from growing healthy and strong.

Some of the reasons why maybe your nails do not grow as you wanted are:

  • Bite
  • Use detergents or cleaning supplies ungloved
  • Open bottles or caps with them
  • A diet low in vitamins
  • Do yard work without gloves
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Do not let them “breathe” (i.e., have them painted all the time)
  • Infections like mushrooms
  • Do not consume minerals

Tips to keep your nails stronger

These tips will serve you to make your nails look much better, can grow quickly and healthily and beautiful hands at any time of the year:

It increases blood flow to your fingers with some activities such as typing on a keyboard, playing the piano, archive documents, etc. That is, everything that makes the blood flow more and therefore grow more strongly your nails. Also, be careful because a very common mistake is to press keys with nails and that’s not good for them. Increases the amount of proteins in your diet. To do this, drink shakes or eats dairy, lean meat and if you want, a daily supplement of vitamin D. All these ingredients help nails grow faster.

If you cannot stay in a warm atmosphere all day, when you go out into the street, you’re on public transport or in a place without heating uses gloves to keep your hands warm. And increase blood flow and stimulate growth. Applying a layer of enamel or nutritional nail hardener once a week. If you wish to grow faster, repeated for a fortnight, once a night.

Become a manicure regularly (you can do it yourself, ask a friend or go to a professional). So you can enjoy various treatments regularly. Always file nails in the same direction so that the tips are not weakened or breakage more easily. If you “engage” with anything, always wears a lime in your purse or wallet to fix it instantly, avoiding the further breaking and painful.

Do not abuse the nail polish, because they have nothing good ingredients for nails. Also, if you use a lot will begin to see yellow and weaker. It is best to paint once a week and when the enamel is removed (preferably not with acetone), let about 48 hours before returning to paint again.

Know what your type of nail is: There are 5 different (normal, soft, battered, brittle and dry). Depending must apply a different treatment. Check out and analyzes their characteristics before acting.

Drink plenty of water and infusions (such as tea) every day. That makes him very well to the nails and your body in general, because hydrated. Try to use or manipulate more natural as wood or plastic instead of leather or fabric objects. You do this by buying craft items, for example. Do not cut cuticles because they serve to protect your nails from infection and if you remove too often just get an increasingly are thick and hard, but your nails, increasingly weak and sick.

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