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Strategies to control stress during pregnancy

Strategies to control stress during pregnancy

How to control stress during pregnancy? Undoubtedly, pregnancy is one of the most wonderful stages a woman can experience. In the same way, the couple can also enjoy the conception and development of the baby.

However, it will be the pregnant woman who will go through the greatest emotional and psychological flow that a pregnancy entail. Being pregnant is a roller coaster. Therefore, we reviewed some strategies to manage stress at this stage.

Stress and pregnancy

The endogenous, hormonal or biological part has great power in pregnancy, but it is also true that the psychological variables of the woman and her partner also contribute a relevant role.

It is totally normal for a pregnant woman to go through different emotional states throughout pregnancy, and stress is no exception. At first, you may feel your foreign body, that you begin to be aware of the changes that are coming at all levels and that this will generate some stress.

As the months go by, the illusion springs up, the body becomes accustomed to harboring another being within it. Nausea, malaise, hypersomnia, etc., cease and the woman is more predisposed to enjoy this stage. However, as we have pointed out, in most cases it is still a tsunami of emotions.

The most relevant of all this, is to control the stress that can be generated. We already know that stress is a state of activation that disorganizes the organic homeostasis of the person and exposes it to symptoms, dysfunctions and diseases. If already in itself, managing stress is important in any human being, even more so in the case of a pregnant woman.

Some strategies to manage stress during pregnancy

Pregnancy is considered a promoter of biological activation and receives a considerable weight in the lists of stressful life events. Half of pregnant women report more symptoms of anxiety and depression than before pregnancy.

There are many studies that identify relationships between the experience of maternal stress during pregnancy and the presence in children of cognitive and language disorders.

In addition, studies also indicate that fetal development processes are extremely sensitive to any change in the emotional state of the mother, so that a very intense stress is not necessary for the fetus to be affected.

For all this, we propose some strategies to control the stress that you can start doing today:

Get together with other pregnant women

Social support has been shown as a great shock absorber of stress in anyone. In relation to pregnant women, it has been found that sharing time with other women in the same situation significantly reduces stress levels.

This is so because satisfying social relationships allow us to share and receive experiences, express ourselves emotionally without being judged and obtain positive social reinforcements that increase our serotonin naturally.

Laughter therapy

Laughter and humor are also a powerful anti-stress. Whenever you have occasion, put a video of a comedian that you like, a movie that makes you laugh or just do the exercise with your partner to laugh for no reason, apparently. You will see how in a matter of minutes you see yourself devoured by laughter.


The practice of mindfulness can also help in pre-natal stress. It is about performing exercises that allow us to focus our attention on the “here and now”, without issuing any judgment. It helps us to get away from rumination, guilt and worry and connects us with present reality.

Keep it real

Thoughts can be very harmful when we are pregnant. Guilt is a classic. “Will I be eating well?”, “Maybe I should not have gotten drunk …” Try to reduce the demands on yourself and be more permissive. Pressures will only give you anxiety.

Express your emotions

It is very important that you do not repress your emotional states by the “what they will say” or by appearing weak. Pregnant women go through a host of emotions, some of them somewhat unpleasant, such as sadness. If your body asks you to cry, do not repress yourself. What is stored inside only increases stress.

The pregnant woman can do a great job from her position, but the environment has to favor her. It is important that the couple be more compromising with their emotional states, be charged with empathy and understanding and not give so much importance to certain issues.

In this way, the pregnant woman will not be too pressured, and this will relieve her to a greater extent from the possible stress that the pregnancy itself implies. It is not so much about “treating the pregnant woman as a queen” but about being more permissive and, above all, empathetic.

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