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The Benefits of Eating Salads Daily

The Benefits of Eating Salads DailyDo you love me and so take care of your food? So in this article I will discuss a rich, healthy food and you can enjoy daily to be well.

The salads are the most frequent and popular in most lunches worldwide entries, not only for its pleasant taste, ease of preparation and the variety of vegetables that we can choose for a particular type, but because satiate our hunger, besides They are possessing essential nutrients for the proper development of our bodies.

Benefits of salads

If we only think that only salads make us well to the body, and help us to maintain a diet, we do not really know what we’re really eating. Salads help us more, to renew our body.


Vegetables such as lettuce, spinach including ginger, cucumber and beans has more than 90% in composition of water, so we always moisturize, especially in summer times or when there is more heat.

Protect our skin

Salads made as carrots, beets, peppers, cabbage, lettuce, tomato provide vitamin A and C to our body, and therefore they renew our skin and provide better production of collagen, a protein needed to maintain smooth skin, avoiding the appearance of wrinkles.

Prevent constipation

Thanks to the fibers having salads, these become a natural laxative that will help us prevent or improve our intestinal function. In addition, these fibers also contribute to reduce our cholesterol levels.

Our heart care

The large amount of antioxidants that has a salad plate as vitamins C or E among other things, block the harmful action of free radicals, the same are the ones that trigger the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Prevent anemia

Anemia is a disease that is related to the red blood cells of our blood and general oxygenation of our body. Therefore, green leaves that we can include in our salads like kale or spinach, are scientifically proven its anti-anemic action by the wealth they possess chlorophyll and iron, the latter needed to create hemoglobin in the blood.

Purify the body

The action not only cleansing, but also desintoxicativa and diuretics instead of salads, is due to the high percentage of water it holds. In addition to its rich in potassium and low amounts of sodium they will help us to preserve an organism, free of cramps, muscle spasms or elevated blood pressure among others.

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