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The Benefits of Fasting for Health

The Benefits of Fasting for Health

Fasting, from a dietary point of view, is a practice of stopping eating voluntarily with the main objective of improving health, helping in turn to prevent the onset of different diseases and disorders. That is to say, it consists precisely in that: to stop eating voluntarily for a period of time that should never be prolonged, especially not to cause serious consequences to our health. That is why fasting should not be confused with anorexia, a psychological disorder caused by the fear of getting fat. That we must take into account that fasting does not lose weight, since the only thing that is lost is water and muscle protein, in addition to that to stop practicing it after a few days it gains the lost weight since our body activates a series of saving mechanisms of energy.

However, for fasting to be beneficial and ultimately providing us with both curative and, ultimately, healthy qualities, it is very important to do it correctly, without risks to our health. When practicing, for example, it is especially useful when trying to detoxify the body and purify it, helping to eliminate all those toxins that have been accumulating.

The most important qualities of fasting

There are many benefits to fasting for health. That yes, a fast made well and practiced only during the time advised, without putting at risk to our health. The most important ones we highlight below:

Benefits for the liver and gallbladder

As you are sure, you will know, as far as the functions of the liver are concerned, it is a very important organ that, among other functions, is responsible for the process of purification of the organism together with the kidneys.

Fasting is very interesting when it comes to cleansing the liver, being useful in helping to eliminate toxins accumulated in it. For this reason it is very interesting in case of fatty liver, as we help the liver to eliminate accumulated fat.

Benefits for the stomach                                

This is another of the most important organs of our body, given that among other aspects is responsible for the digestion of the food we eat each day through food. However, when the stomach is overloaded it is very common for related disorders to appear, such as: heavy digestion or indigestion, heartburn, ulcers and gastritis.

When we fast we let the stomach ‘rest’ for a few hours, which helps to restore your health and can perform its functions without being overloaded.

Benefits for the colon

Did you know that colon cancer could be easily prevented if you follow some simple health habits every day? The fact is that being the part of our intestine in which accumulate the wastes that we then expel with defecation, is usual the appearance of tumors since many of these substances are in direct contact with the walls of the colon.

By fasting we provide the colon with less activity, which naturally helps it to be cleaned and, therefore, expel those residues that may be more dangerous.

Benefits for the pancreas

Although the pancreas is an organ that is fundamentally related to diabetes and insulin production, it is also responsible for other major functions: it is another organ responsible for digestion, while it manufactures many enzymes and hormones.

Some studies have found that regular fasting prevents the onset of pancreatic-related diseases. Of course, the practice of fasting is not recommended in people who already have diabetes or low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia).

Benefits for the nervous system and for the mind

A well-practiced fasting helps to improve the nerves, which becomes a healthy and natural option when it comes to treating and eliminating nervousness, which in turn translates into improving our mood.

On the other hand, it has also been found that after fasting, after only a few days, our mind is much more active.

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