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The use of honey to treat fungal infections

The use of honey to treat fungal infections

Using honey to treat fungal infections sounds really strange, (and sticky!) But many women absolutely swear by this natural treatment.

Honey is known to increase the number of beneficial Lactobacillus bacteria in the intestine when it is included in the diet, and has many other health benefits known. Perhaps that is why many women with mild infections have found that their symptoms improve or disappear altogether in just a few applications of honey.


To try this, buy some raw honey at the health food store. (Regular honey from the store might work, too. If you already have it on hand, go ahead and try it out). Grease honey liberally in the area of ​​your crotch to cover all the points that bite, and let it rest there for at least five minutes. Then take a bath or a shower and wash the sticky mass with unscented soap, not medicated.

As always, whether you are using honey or any other natural remedy to treat your yeast infection or over-the-counter medication, if your infection does not heal quickly or seems to continue to appear, talk to your doctor. You may have a bacterial infection, or a serious underlying condition, such as diabetes or a compromised immune system that cannot fight infections as it should.

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