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This is what the noises in the Stomach say about your Health


The noises in the stomach can be annoying and inopportune, but we can all have them at a certain moment.

When there are strange sounds in the abdominal area they are usually due to a natural reaction towards the need for food, water or else because the garment is very tight. In all the above cases the person evidences this problem and knows the why and how to correct it.

They are the simplest cases to identify and their signs of health status are not of great relevance. Then we will know what abdominal noises are treated that is accompanied by pain or discomfort.

What do the noises in the stomach of your health say?

The next categories of noises that occur in the stomach are more complex, in fact, the diagnosis and treatment of each of them depends on a clinical analysis. Generally these noises cause pain, the most common are those that give the sensation of being burned, causing panging in the belly or sensation of movement in the abdominal area.

Noises of borbollones with burning pain

It is a superficial pain that is caused by skin reactions to pressure. This process causes noises that the person perceives throughout the abdominal area but fails to locate. In spite of this he feels a pain that is described as burning the whole internal and external part. The best recommendation is to perform a stool analysis that dissociates bacterial processes.

Locatable noise, stabbing pain

It is a noise that can be localized specifically in any part of the abdominal area. This noise causes a pain that patients often describe as if a spear or spike would pierce them. Unlike burning pain, this is usually deep and has to do with problems in the muscles that contract as a result of an injury.

Strong noises, throwing pain

When the noises in the stomach are strong they can be indicators of affections in sensory pathways or centers along the digestive tract. They are usually caused by a viral infection or by bacteria. One of its main characteristics is reflected by the type of pain that the person refers to. The patient often states that he feels as if he will be hit in the abdomen.

Other Causes of Stomach Noises

The obstruction of the blood vessels causes clots that can cause obstruction in the mesenteric arteries that irrigate the entire intestinal tract.

A bowel obstruction caused by a tumor, hernia, or adhesions often causes stomach noises.

The ileum is produced, a condition that paralyzes intestinal activity. Many alterations can cause it and cause the viscera to contract and cause strange noises.

Now you know that to the noises in the stomach you must pay close attention to it, since they are not always for lack of food.

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