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Tips for Health Care in Spring

Tips for Health Care in Spring

Caring for your health in spring is very easy. Discover some tips and healthy and easy tricks to continue to maintain good health in the spring and enjoy this beautiful season.

Each year, after a long winter full of rain, wind and very cold, it is common that many people wish to forward to the arrival of spring, because our landscape is filled with beautiful and gorgeous flowers, increase the hours of sunlight, and with all we tend to feel more cheerful and alive. Therefore it tend to say the spring alters blood, because due to the increase of solar radiation and changes that occur in meteorology own itself, they cause an effect on our organism which results in affecting production certain hormones. Since there are a smaller number of night hours in spring, melatonin production varies, leading to changes in both physical and emotional responses of the individual.

But as every season has its setbacks. An example is found in the appearance of the dreaded spring allergies. It is a very common process that affects many people at this time. When we suffer from allergy means that our body recognizes as foreign a substance called allergen, which induces the allergic response of the immune system, which leads in turn own a series of clinical manifestations of disease and allergic reactions. Therefore hay fever and pollen allergy itself produces seasonal rhinitis, the symptoms tend to vary from one patient to another, but generally they are characterized by irritation and itchy eyes, nose, throat and palate.

If you want to enjoy a healthy spring, here we present some useful tips that will help you take care of your health during this beautiful and enjoyable season.

  1. Avoid hay fever and contact with pollen

If you regularly suffer from allergies, it is likely that this increase during the spring months. If so, there are some tips to keep in mind, which will be of great help. Reduces outdoor activities, especially those times when pollen is more “active” between 5-10 am, and 7 am to 10 pm.

Avoid going on windy days, as during pollination these days tends to be higher, so the pollen count is higher. On the other hand, keep the windows closed at night, also our vehicle when we go to the street, and when using air conditioning filters use it.

As in any other season, in order to protect the eyes from the sun whenever you go out to the street put sunglasses.

  1. Make exercise outdoors

If you suffer from allergies do not exercise outdoors when spring arrives is an excellent choice for sports, enjoy good health, and especially to enjoy the most beautiful images of this season.

Remember that physical exercise is essential, especially when it is practiced regularly. It is ideal to enjoy a good health and fitness. Furthermore, it is very interesting to help you improve your mood and feel better about yourself.

Just practice 30 to 40 minutes a day of your favorite exercise: it can be walking, jogging, cycling … Just remember that excessive or intense exercise is not recommended.

  1. Watch your diet and opt for fresh foods

Food is the foundation of our health, so it is essential to maintain a balanced and varied, healthier diet and healthy as possible. It is interesting to opt for fresh foods in season, which will provide all the essential nutrients your body will need during this time of year: they are full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that cannot miss.

Remember opt for fruits, vegetables, vegetables and fresh vegetables. Nor can miss legumes, grains (also in its integral version), fish, poultry and nuts.

  1. Delicious seasonal food

There is nothing better than enjoying seasonal foods, that as surely know, are foods that we can only find on the market some months, because its cultivation or production is specific to those times. This ensures that these foods remain intact and keep all their nutritional properties and their benefits and organoleptic qualities.

In spring you can enjoy apricots and strawberries, as well as meet in May with other fruits that are especially in summer, such as cherries, watermelons and melons.

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