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Tips for Taking Care During Pregnancy

Tips for Taking Care During Pregnancy

All grants you care during pregnancy also benefit the baby. We teach you some tricks for you to relax and enjoy the most at this stage.

Between the woman and the baby growing inside her permanent communication channel it is established. Everything the mother does affect the fetus: if you exercise improves oxygenation; if you eat well, supports their development; If rest and seek tranquility, provides well-being. There are good reasons to care.

  1. Get time Free

We must reserve a time each day for a pleasant activity: a coffee with a friend, watching movies, reading our favorite authors, go shopping or enjoy a leisurely stroll through the park. This time will be something like the icing on the day. It is essential that, throughout the day, there is a balance between phases of activity and rest.

  1. Get up, a pleasure

Why jump out of bed on the first ring of the alarm clock? It is preferable to stretch forward, as cats do before joining.

This stretch will make us feel better and make up the circulatory system. For the sake of the abdominal muscles, you have to lie on its side before joining. Once we set foot on the floor, lift up your arms and greet the day with a smile. Now we are ready to start the day.

  1. Freedom for feet

Take a walk down a soft, like a dirt path or the beach, download feet and back. It is essential to wear comfortable shoes without heels, and walking in good posture: you upright and tucked guts to counteract the curvature of the back.

If before going to bed apply warm sesame oil on the feet (two tablespoons water bath heated), we give us a massage and put on socks, sleep soundly.

  1. Farewell to moodiness

Small annoyances can evaporate after repeating the following exercise ten times:

Stand with separate aligned with the shoulders and feet, and knees slightly bent.

We maintain a straight spine, muscles relaxed, we drop the shoulders and together the palms to chest height.

Then we press the pads (part of the palm from where the thumb) against each other, counting to ten, and relax.

  1. Relaxed Cervical

Sit on the edge of a chair with your back straight and stiff neck.

Lower your chin to your chest as you raise your shoulders to the fullest.

Then they are lowered by rotating movements and throwing them back. We must try to bring the shoulder blades as possible, as if they were playing.

Exercise should be repeated at least ten times. Cervical remain as new!

  1. The pleasure of a good bath

Nothing better to take care during pregnancy to give us a nice relaxing bath occasionally. We filled the tub not very hot water, we take about 15 drops of frankincense or myrrh essence, we dive … and we shall soon feel its effects renovators.

Stimulating fragrances will also help you regain strength. You have to take two or three drops of essence of citrus on an aromatic stone, settle into a comfortable chair, close your eyes and breathe the smell coming from the stone.

The essence of citrus is relaxing and stimulating at the same time, therefore, it is perfect to turn our energy in a very short time when you just have a free moment. Do not change flavor without consulting a specialist because not all essential oils are suitable during pregnancy.

  1. Others work

If the couple, parents or friends want to help us out with our work, let us accept willingly.

And if they do not fall into the account, let us not hesitate to ask. It should used to do, because when the baby has arrived, any collaboration will be little.

  1. Nuts and refreshing drinks

To regain strength there is nothing better than nuts. They can be eaten at any time, and are easy to transport peeled because they fit into any pocket. Provide zinc and magnesium, two nutrients that stimulate gray cells. But we do not spend: about 40 grams a day is enough, because they are also very rich in fat.

Nuts and refreshing drinks During Pregnancy

A refreshing drink. If it is cold, there is nothing more exhilarating than a hot drink. When a baby is expected should not abuse tea or coffee (no more than three mild coffees, teas four day), drink herbal teas that have been recommended. A glass of milk with honey (ideal before bedtime) gives us energy and hydrates us.

  1. Stress Out

During a short break we can do the following exercise:

We lie on the floor face up (as long as it still comfortable doing so) in front of a blank wall.

Slowly we approached the wall, and climbed straight legs, until they form a right angle to the wall.

Then we open your legs sideways as far as possible without straining.

Put your hands on the sides, where occasional tug will notice (minor) by posture.

The charged oxygen can also help reduce stress. We breathe deeply, consciously, as if we were to send oxygen to every corner of the body. We expel the air slowly, taking more or less double in exhaling that inspire. The future babies thank us and our minds too.

  1. A good massage

If we are of those people who go round and round to the problems, a head massage will come to us like a glove. We can give it to us ourselves.

Massage During Pregnancy

We put her hands on her head as if we were to wash our hair, but instead of rubbing the scalp, hit his head rhythmically and gently with fingertips, as if we had hands a delicate drum.

We go from top to bottom and front to back, gradually covering the entire head. This drumming stimulates the scalp and nerve pathways and, incidentally, helps to free ourselves from negative thoughts and emotions.

It is advisable to do it about 40 times.

The massage gives us our partner will also make us feel very good, it is easy to understand: on the surface of the skin are the recipients of endorphins, called hormones of happiness. In addition, it is proven that the gentle massage and fondling health benefit. Relax and stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system. Just be careful with the spine: it should be for professionals.

  1. Light legs

A simple exercise to combat leg pain is to raise the toes and heels alternately standing, so that the body swings back and forth.

It can be done whenever we are standing for a while, for example, while we brush our teeth.

It is advisable to repeat 30 times.

  1. Talk to the baby

The future baby hears the mother’s voice, so why not talk to him? We can tell him anything: we approach the moment of birth or grandparents come to dinner with us. Another option is to hear a joyful musical thinking he can also enjoy it. Communicate with intrauterine child is a way to incorporate into our lives, to show our love, and of forging the first links with him.

  1. Avoid headache

When the head seems to explode: dip two plush mittens and put them in the freezer until very cold (not must reach freezing!).

Then we put a mitten on the front and the other in the neck.

We close our eyes and try to relax.

Ideally repeat twice with an interval of 15 minutes.

Hope you will enjoy pregnancy now!

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