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Tips to Have the Healthiest Teeth

Tips to Have the Healthiest Teeth

Brush our teeth every day is one of the daily habits that we adopt from childhood for the rest of life. Since we are small we are taught that through this the presence of harmful bacteria in the mouth is reduced, primarily responsible for tooth decay and other diseases.

It is estimated that in the teeth, gums and tongue home to more than 20,000 millions of bacteria, which have the opportunity to proliferate when they are not attacked by the daily rinsing. Because of this, it has always emphasized the importance of washing your mouth several times a day and changing your toothbrush at least every three months.

In addition, there is another series of special care that complement oral hygiene to maintain healthier, more beautiful teeth.

Choose a soft brush

Some people prefer toothbrushes stiff bristle because they think they are more effective in removing dirt and plaque. The truth is that the most suitable are soft or extra-soft bristles, which have the same function but without causing erosion of the dental enamel.

Avoid electric toothbrushes

Through advertising media would have us believe that electric toothbrushes are more effective than traditional. Although these brush teeth well, that does not mean they are the best. These are usually very expensive and there is no evidence that truly cleaned better.

Brushing at the right time

After eating any food, especially if they are acidic juices, it is advisable to wait between 30 and 40 minutes before brushing. Do it immediately or waiting only a few minutes’ increases the risk of damage to the tooth enamel.

Replace the brush on time

You not always have to wait three or four months to change your toothbrush. With only observe it could be determined if it is time to replace it with a new one.

If this starts to look deteriorated it should be replaced with a new one to ensure that the teeth are properly cleaned. It is also wise to purchase a new one after suffering a viral disease of the respiratory system or mouth.

Avoid as much sugar intake

Sugar is listed as the main enemy of good oral health. Your daily intake increases the risk of cavities and causes deterioration of the teeth. Experts call pay close attention to this matter, since it is present even in foods you least imagine. Commercial fruit juices, flavored milks and cereals are significant source of this sweet harmful.

Do not eat too much acidic foods

The acid containing some fruit juice and other foods are also responsible for dental problems. One trick to reduce the impact they have on the top layer of the teeth is to rinse with water to dilute the acid substances.

Use Baking soda and salt

Brushing with baking soda provides several benefits to the teeth. On the one hand, it serves to reduce excess plaque and food debris that give a yellowish hue. It also serves to reduce the presence of bacteria in the mouth and neutralize odor caused by halitosis. However, its use should be moderate because too have negative effects on the enamel that covers the teeth.


We know that many already know this rule, but it is worth highlight it, because there are still those who forget to use it every day. When using it seeks to make zigzag movements and always use a clean section of the thread

Do not forget to clean the tongue

Although the idea is to get more healthy teeth, it is essential to pay special attention to the tongue because it is his faithful companion. This usually forms a plaque white or yellow color, not being eliminated, is a potential cause bad breath. In each brushing should be rinsed well with the help of brush or tongue cleaner it brings on its back.

With all these recommendations in your daily oral hygiene routine check that it is possible to have a healthier teeth without subjecting them to costly treatments.

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