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Tips to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Tips to Increase Testosterone Naturally

We found several studies showing that taking actions like those we present below, you can improve your testosterone levels and benefit you of its many benefits as improving muscle growth, control fat levels or improve your sexual function.

In the gym, exercise hard: Each chance to choose us to the gym, you should include exercises involving several muscle groups. Studies have shown that doing squats, bench press or dominated increases testosterone in greater proportion than do typical biceps or triceps curls, even though the effort may seem the same.

Before going to bed, eat some nuts: We recommend before going to sleep, eat a handful of nuts. Several studies have shown that men who ate diets rich in monounsaturated fat had the highest testosterone levels. It is not known why this happens, but some scientists believe that these fats have a direct effect on the testicles.

Exercises with a lot of weight:  Studies have shown that intensities around al90% 1RM and moderate volume, you can increase the levels of this hormone. So, to increase it, perform different exercises three to six repetitions per set.

Do not drink alcohol: Binge drinking will kill your testosterone levels. It is shown that with reasonable amounts of alcohol in blood testosterone levels may be reduced by between 20% -25%. It also produces a conversion of androgens to estrogens, which can result in some cases, gynecomastia in men.

Have a sandwich or a piece of fruit always at hand: It is shown that skipping meals or be long periods without eating can cause your hormone levels plummet. Try to eat every four hours and always have with you something healthy to eat and of course very important not to skip any of the five or six daily meals.

A sleep like dormice: Sleeping less than seven or eight hours every night can ruin your biological rhythm and thus cause a diminution in testosterone levels. So, if your work schedule or your social life keeps you in a state of perpetual jet lag, do not be surprised if your strength levels decline. Therefore, do everything possible to have a restful sleep at least seven hours.

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