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Tips to Maintain Energy all Day Long

Tips to Maintain Energy all Day Long

To succeed from our difficult daily routines, most of us invest coffee and sheer determination until falling on the couch, totally exhausted. With so many people working longer and longer, lack of energy has become a common problem.

If your energy is a bit low, take a look at this series of tips that could help you finish your day at full steam.

Against the morning energy is the fact that the night is basically a period of famine. In favor is the fact that the hormones of cortisol and testosterone are at their peak in the morning – and they help us move on.

Do not delay the start of the day:

It is tempting to press the “snooze” button on the morning alarm. But if you fall asleep again, the hormonal cycle will be interrupted, and it will be more difficult to get up. It is better to set the alarm fifteen minutes later, and put the alarm clock to the other end of the room, a simple trick that will force you to get out of bed.

Let the light enter:

Natural or artificial light helps to speed up the process of awakening the body. Open the curtains or turn on the lights. If you can choose, use compact fluorescent light bulbs “daylight” or “cold white”. Not only are they good for the environment, they also have brightness similar to natural light, better than the yellowish light of incandescent bulbs.

Start slowly:

Jumping out of bed directly into the hectic pace of day to day will make you run out quickly. Get up 15 minutes before the kids, take a quiet bath and dress at a civilized pace. And do not check the emails before you know how to deal with them.


Are not you the type who exercises in the morning? Maybe it’s the case that you review the concept of exercise. According to a study conducted by the University of Georgia, people who perform a low aerobic activity (such as walking) three times a week, had a significant reduction in fatigue levels, higher than people who do intense exercise ( like brisk walking on uneven terrain) for the same time.

If you are generally crawling in the morning, or exhausted most of the time, a heavy exercise can be more exhausting than invigorating.

Eat more at breakfast:

Breakfast is important. If you only eat bread and coffee, you will get a quick stimulant of caffeine and fast energy from carbohydrates, but this is also a recipe that can leave you lying fast. Try a mixture of unrefined carbohydrates (which give you energy), in addition to proteins and healthy fats (which take longer to digest, maintaining a constant level of energy). For example, scrambled eggs with whole-grain tortilla, or oatmeal with nuts.

Work by parts:

Do not stick to the chair; the body needs occasional movements to maintain oxygen circulation. Most of us cannot concentrate on the same task for more than 90 minutes. Get up and go talk to your colleagues instead of staying to check email, for example. Or at least stand up to answer the phone.

Keep the mood in the afternoon:

If you feel powerless between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., then it’s official: you’re a human. The hormonal peak of the morning is over, and many people, after a delicious lunch, feel sleepy for the rest of the afternoon, the common causes of a low mood. Eating strategically and a little movement  helps in this situation.

Take multivitamins at lunch:

In addition to taking a multivitamin at lunch, consider adding a B complex for extra encouragement. Vitamins give a boost to energy, as well as coffee or soda. But even so the important and necessary thing is to eat well and balanced.

Do not be afraid of carbohydrates:

Green salad with chicken is a good thing, but it translates to no carbohydrate energy. You can eat a piece of fruit or add black beans to get protein and carbohydrates.

And avoid foods rich in fat, so as not to suffer from the X-burguer effect: the sleep that comes after a very greasy meal. A lunch full of fat means blood denser and with less oxygen.

Take a break:

If you are one of the 34% of employees who eat lunch at your desk, one suggestion: sunlight increases the level of vitamin D. Some research suggests that, in the right amounts, it helps maintain energy levels. Some experts suspect that vitamin D helps regulate the metabolism and secretion of insulin, the factors that influence energy.


In the middle of the afternoon, get up and make circular movements with your arms. If you are in a cubicle, even circular movements with your heels will help you to circulate.

Something to botanize:

A little protein and fiber help your blood sugar last a little longer. Try mixing nuts, high-fiber cereals, flax seeds, coconut and pieces of dark chocolate.

Beat fatigue at the end of the day:

You are at the end of the reserve of energizing hormones. At the same time, melatonin, which regulates sleep, begins to increase. But you still have things to do.

Keep a ritual of transition from work to home:

A transition ritual between the workplace and at home helps focuses energy and enjoys the afternoon. One idea, for example, is to leave work early once a week for a career or training. On other days, listen to music during this “transition”, or switch to comfortable clothes before dinner.

Avoid alcohol:

In the hours before sleep, it is best to avoid alcohol – which causes a restless sleep, resulting in less energy and lack of focus on the next day.

Go to the sofa with a goal in mind:

Snuggling up on the couch and navigating TV programming can increase inertia. It is best to see only one or two favorite shows. If you feel lazy, it is best to go to sleep.

Understanding nocturnal cravings:

Usually, this means you are sleepy, not hungry. That you keep your brain awake for a long time and you need glucose to keep working.

If you need to stay awake, make a light and easy-to-digest snack, such as half a yogurt with fruit or a hot chocolate made with almond milk and dark chocolate at least one hour before bedtime.

And to have a morning full of energy, all the experts agree that it is best to sleep well at night.

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