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Top 10 Hair Washing Tips

Top 10 Hair Washing Tips

We know it is too trivial to discuss wash your hair and importance. But, we all tend to do stupid mistakes, when in fact after this process. There are several points of minutes to learn, even in advanced stages of hair care. Let’s talk about some very simple tips for washing your hair.

Here are the top 10 hair WASHING:


Wash your hair properly for one minute before applying shampoo. Moisten with water for one minute. Use warm water (hot water can dry the hair) to follow this step. It is recommended to open the pores of the scalp.

Use cold water:

Always! Always! Always!Hair rinse with cold water, at least in the final stage. If possible, make it a point to remove all your conditioner and shampoo to wash your hair with cold water. Rinse with cold water or normal helps close the cuticle and seal moisture in each cable. This is the Holy Grail of all hair washing tips!

Avoid rubbing harshly:

It is always preferable to towel dry hair, when not in a hurry. But do not be hard, rubbing the hair with a towel. This can cause severe damage and make your hair look very boring. In fact, trying to squeeze out excess water carefully and let it dry by itself. Certainly the most important and the best hair washing tips you can get from any expert!

Shampoo lubrication before:

Our grandmother was not bad when we were instructed to apply the oil before every hair wash. Always apply hair oil and massage the scalp and hair 2-3 hours before you plan to wash your hair. Use coconut oil or mustard oil. Shampoos contain harsh ingredients that can strip essential oils from your hair strands and oiled helps combat this problem.


Do not forget to untangle the hair before or during the shampoo before washing the hair. Unravel before shampooing can facilitate hair knots. And “even harder to detangle hair when wet. Wet hair is weak and fragile. You can try to untangle divide the hair into four sections. This again among the most neglected of the best hair washing tips

Dilute shampoo:

Wait before you throw away your shampoo bottle due to flaking in thin line or temple area. Perhaps this suggestion can work! Always dilute your shampoo by mixing it with water. This will reduce the concentration of shampoo applied to the hair and scalp.

Conditioning your hair:

Now is the time conditioner, if you have finished with the rinse after shampooing. Never apply the conditioner to the scalp, always apply with the aid of a comb for application. Rinse in 1-2 minutes or leave-in as directed. Be careful to wash everything, any debris can damage the hair and make them look dull.


Do not rub the scalp harshly. Do it very gently in small circles. You can use your fingers to loosen dirt, skin flakes, waste and natural oils. Rinse after washing with hot water for one minute.


Massaging the head while shampooing the finger in a circular motion from front to back and back to front. Repeat this movement for a few minutes. This helps to stimulate and exfoliate the scalp.

Brushing during the shower:

Always start with the hair brush hair shower. This helps stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, reduce hair loss and prevent clogging of the pores. This can also reduce split ends and hair loss.

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