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Top 5 Exercises that Lengthen Your Body

Top 5 Exercises that Lengthen Your Body

If the height is something that worries you because they inherited centimeters more, this time we share activities and exercises to be higher to help you achieve your goal as long as they do with patience and perseverance.

A study by Dr Joel Hirsch horn from Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School, suggests that the level of people directly dependent on the genetic heritage of parents, however, says that this aspect is also influenced by environmental factors. Such as obesity, not the fact of having overweight parents, are destined to suffer it too.

Therefore, with these exercises to be higher can aspire to obtain a height above the current average pay close attention to what it is.


Exercises that allow you to reach your toes, bend your knees and keep your back flat; they are beneficial to your spine adopt an upright position, allowing centimeters add you always have to keep hidden a stooped posture.

2.Play Basketball

This sport should be practiced from a young age, because it favors the stretching of bones and thus can gain height.


Like stretching, yoga benefits the correct body posture making it reaches full to have a straight spine height, however, these exercises should be performed with experts who can guide you, as due to the degree of difficulty could hurt you.


This is due to the position of these exercises, you will achieve your muscles and joints stretch reach a total that will extend your height, the recommendation is to perform several repetitions a day but not to the limit, and you could dislocate a limb of your body.


It is recommended to swim 5 hours per week; this activity will allow you to exercise the muscles and adopt improved best position that gives you high.

In addition to these exercises to be higher, we recommend a healthy lifestyle involving sleep well, eat foods rich in protein and stay hydrated; as this will favor your development and positive growth.

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