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Top Foods That Can Cause Cancer

Top Foods That Can Cause Cancer

While they are not harmful if you eat them in moderation and within a balanced diet, these foods can be dangerous if you overdo their consumption.
It is very worrying that many people try to rationalize their bad habits with the popular phrase “everything causes cancer.”
This is increasingly is more common among people that has been warning that many things that are part of the modern lifestyle can increase the risk for this disease.
The truth is that no scientific research supporting many of these warnings and although there are still more evidence, we have determined that there are some common foods in the diet that can increase the risk of some types of cancers, as their compounds have a negative effect on the organism.
The American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR) has issued warnings about poor nutrition and cancer, recommending all reducing or avoiding eating certain foods and beverages currently are invading the market.
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
GMOs are invading the market and allowances, although it has been found that both GMO and chemicals used for cultivation are potential causes of tumors in the body.
The interest of the food industry and big companies in the world are those who have brought these foods to the consumer’s table, disguising of freshness and, above all, better price.
Among the Most Common Genetically Modified Foods are:
Corn-based foods
Soy and its derivatives
Conventional canola (rapeseed)
Processed meats
Processed meat, for example, bologna, bacon or sausage, among others, contain chemical preservatives that keep them fresh and attractive to consumers, but may also cause cancer.
Nitrite and sodium nitrate found in these foods are responsible for the increased risk of colon cancer and other cancers.
Therefore, when buying such products, it is best to ensure that meat is cured without nitrates and, if possible, a grass-fed animal source.
Refined White Flour
This ingredient is present in most processed foods, but is also present in many other foods that are common in the diet and this concern has increased, as people are exceeding your intake of carbohydrates.
A study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology revealed that excessive consumption of carbohydrates can increase up to 220% the risk of breast cancer in women.
Also, being high glycemic index foods, increase sugar levels in the blood and thus feeds cancer cells.
Refined Sugars
Its sweet flavor has made it a very addictive food that is almost impossible to completely eliminate from the diet.
This common product is associated with the growth of cancer cells, and that help metabolize and grow in the body, reducing the effects of drugs to combat the disease.
Refined sugars are present in foods such as:
Corn syrup, high fructose
Salty Foods
Salty foods or preserved with salt are associated with increased risk of stomach cancer and nasopharynx.
Health experts are very concerned about the use of this ingredient because, besides being present at many tables and kitchens, is also part of many meals are included regularly in the diet, which results in an excess.
Worse, it will increase the risk of cancer; salt is also linked to increased risk of cardiovascular problems.
The recommendation is to reduce salt intake and check the amount containing products made and preserved acquired in the market.
Hydrogenated Oils
Usually these products are used in food processing and preservation in order to keep them stable.
The problem is already shown that these fats alter the structure and flexibility of cell membranes throughout the body, leading to chronic diseases including cancer.
Today many manufacturers are gradually replacing these with safer oils such as palm oil.
However, despite this, they hydrogenated remain the most widely used in manufacturing processed.

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