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Top Secrets To Have Beautiful Nails

Top Secrets To Have Beautiful Nails

Is it possible to correct the shape and size of the nails?

If you wish to correct the shape and size of the nails,each type of nail needs different treatment.It is also possible to know what kind of color goes best with your skin that you we have some secrets and tricks so you can take care of your nails.

Tips for Nail Shape And Size

The shape and size of the nails can be corrected with lime and enamel.


Several Types of Nails are

  •  Short and wide
  •  Elongated
  •  Triangular
  •  Round (Sometimes)

-In short, wide nails, the edges must be grown and never filed until the meat (as this  will hurt) shaping, slightly oval.

-In the elongated almond shaped, respecting the form is filed angle, oval file.

-In the triangular nail file must respect the edge, not the file edges, this will accentuate  the triangular shape.

-The rectangular long nails are filed straight, without hurry the edges, following a line  perpendicular to the finger.

-And round nails are filed in oval leaving grow a little edge to increase its length.

Tips For Nail Polish


  1. The base is a MUST for under a transparent glaze to protect nails and fix the lacquer. Lacquer helps to dry faster is not that you dry the enamel immediately.
  2. Essential oils, some soaps and some hand creams may darken and dull tone nail polish.
  3. The long hot baths are not good for nails.
  4. Nail brushes should have stiff bristles to thoroughly clean the bacteria.
  5. The nail polish must never dry in the sun and causing it to rise quickly and become the basis yellow, this usually happens in summer
  6. Do not apply nail polish just before or after bathing because moisture, such as fat, prevents adhesion.
  7. To dry enamel instantly, run his fingers through the cold water tap a few minutes after application.
  8. If color overflows into the skin, press a cotton impregnated cotonette just remove the stain enamel.

Tips For Choosing the Right Tone of Glaze to your Skin Type

  1. The choice of tone nails is a matter of taste.
  2. Natural, muted tones, the variations that follow natural tones (ivory,Milky white matte beige, light pink) are favorable in all nails.
  3. The range of beige, milky way and all whites are in perfect harmony with the white fur.
  4. The pale pinks favor matte or dark skins.
  5. Transparent are superb but only on impeccable if not better choice Milky Way.
  6. The vivid red value the very white skins or downright dull.
  7. The roses stand out slightly dark skins.
  8. The boards tones are best to fit nails short and square.
  9. The pearly must use carefully because they can get noticed.
  10. The plum tones should be put on short nails and white fur.
  11. The very dark tones should go for short and better polish on skin
  12. clear.
  13. The black, a marginal color nail polish should be reserved for very special moments.

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