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Training your body, mind and soul

Training your body, mind and soul

Although many of us take advantage of vacations to escape routine and fill our lives with a bit of adrenaline and fun, it is also the ideal time to nourish our mind and soul with a touch of serenity and inner peace.

We often allow ourselves to be surrounded by daily work or chores, forgetting to give ourselves a few minutes for the most important thing: ourselves. The balance between our body and mind is the most important thing to maintain health and through various activities you can rediscover that well-being that stress tends to steal.

According to studies, 95% of diseases are caused by stress. This is not only related to the amount of activity we do, since a person without activity can also be stressed. Stress is generated by the relationship we have with the world and with ourselves. The goal of some practices such as yoga and meditation, is to have a broad and objective view of our life.

It began in India more than 5000 years ago as a science of life to preserve physical health, achieve mental and emotional equanimity and answer universal philosophical questions such as the truth about existence and the universe, the origin of suffering and the way to achieve happiness as an inner state. For centuries it has been implemented as a psychological, medical and spiritual system.

Meditation is one of the principles of yoga, since in this discipline other practices are included among which are postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama), kriyas (cleanings), mudras (energy seals), kirtan (songs), mantras, rituals. All these practices are based on the constant observation of the mind. When we meditate we are filled with a greater sense of will, a better concentration and we learn to relax more quickly and easily.

There are numerous physical and mental benefits in meditation and yoga when practiced as part of our daily routine:

Help control anxiety

Improve mood and combat depression.

Improve the mood, you feel less irritable and moody.

Increase your memory and concentration capacity.

Increase the capacity for self-awareness and reflection, facing difficulties more easily.

It promotes creativity and good ideas.

Increase emotional stability

It improves the figures of blood pressure, the air flow to the lungs and even helps to improve the habits of life.

Delay the aging process.

Increase your flexibility, improve muscle tone and balance. In addition to facilitating the mobility of your joints.

Increase in the feeling of happiness in general.

If it is not within your reach to go to a center where you can perform these practices, you could start with meditation sessions, which is very easy and only requires your will and determination. I’ll tell you in short steps how to achieve it:

Find a quiet place where it is not easy to be disturbed.

Turn off any background noise such as television or radio and disconnect from your cell phone.

Wear comfortable clothes, nice and according to the temperature of the environment.

Go to the bathroom before you begin to meditate.

Start with some deep breathing exercises, clear your mind and enjoy the smells, sensations and sounds that surround you.

It is an option, but I have no doubt that doing yoga with a teacher is the best, especially at the beginning. The teacher will transmit a special energy that fills you with peace and positivity. Also, if you want to practice yoga, you will make sure that you do not get hurt, that you do the posture correctly so that you get its physical, mental and emotional benefits.

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