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Various Reasons of why Dogs Tremble

Various Reasons of why Dogs Tremble

There are many reasons that can answer the question why my dog trembles from simple natural reactions to sensations and feelings experienced, even mild disease or serious. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the behavior of your dog, your attitude and moves to notice as soon as possible of any anomaly.

For excitement or fear
Behavioral causes are usually the main causes of tremor in dogs. So, if you can just have a good behavior or has internalized an order, you’ve welcomed it and immediately started shaking, in all probability it is a natural reaction generated by the state of excitement, joy and enthusiasm which you are experiencing. Scan your posture and general behavior, possibly accompanied by vigorous shaking movements of its tail and even slight tears.
If instead has adopted a negative attitude, you’ve chastised for it and have observed that shrinks and trembles, it is a response to the fear felt at the time. On the other hand, if fear is accompanied by stress or anxiety, tremors are more than insured. In this sense, they can not only occur in response to punishment, but also for having spent long hours alone, can be a symptom of separation anxiety, having phobia sounds and noises very strong, like an ambulance siren, thunder or fireworks, or other phobias. In either case, you should go to the vet to let you know what the best course of treatment. Keep in mind that a stressed or anxious dog is an unhappy dog.

Tremors as a symptom
In addition to the above causes, the tremor in dogs can be a symptom of a disease or other health problems. The following being the most common:

Hypoglycemia: Especially dogs or small miniature race, may suffer low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, because of their body mass. In general, when this is the reason earthquakes are often accompanied by poor appetite and decay. If you suspect this is the cause that causes shake can therefore not hesitate to go to the vet to increase their blood glucose levels as soon as possible.

Arthritis: Does your dog shake is located? That is, if for example you can only presents tremor in the legs or hips, it is possible that the reason is the onset of arthritis, or other diseases of inflammatory nature

Distemper: If your dog has less than a year old and has tremors accompanied by convulsions, twitching in the muscles of the head and potatoes, fever and loss of appetite, do not wait for symptoms worse and take it to the vet.

Intoxication or poisoning: There are toxic substances and dog foods that can cause tremors in our can result in the same poisoning. In general, this symptom is usually accompanied by vomiting, drooling, weakness, diarrhea, etc.

Overexertion: Yes, in the same way as in us a botched physical activity or excessive exercise can provoke muscle damage or other injuries, our dog too, giving due tremor in the affected area. See our article on recommended exercise for dogs and see if the intensity and time you spend you are right.

Consumption of drugs: If your dog is following some sort of drug treatment prescribed by the veterinarian, check the prospectus if one of the side effects of it is the presence of tremors. If so, do not interrupt treatment without veterinary supervision.
If you suspect that the reason that answers the question why your dog trembles is the appearance of some disease or other physical problem, please go to the vet as soon as possible. Keep in mind that some of the above diseases are fatal or degenerative.

By pain: Your dog has recently been dropped, or has been dropped? Another of the most common reasons for the tremor in dogs is acute pain. The best way to know if this is the cause is feeling wobbly areas carefully and watching the reaction of your can.

As a result of the cold: In the same way that our body trembles in response to low temperatures, dogs do too. Especially small and miniature dog breed, and dogs with short hair, are not prepared to withstand very cold climates and therefore are exposed to it when your body starts shaking. It is a natural reflex reaction that we can avoid buying clothes for him.
It is very important to pay attention to this point to prevent our dog end suffering hypothermia.

Shaker syndrome
Also called white dog syndrome usually affects small breeds and young children (less than two years old) bichon type, poodles, all with long white hair. Although the odds are lower, this disorder can also contract it any other race.
The main symptom of this condition is tremor throughout the dog’s body, caused by inflammation of the cerebellum. This syndrome is associated with the central nervous system but, still, the exact causes that cause is unknown. Thus, in addition to earthquakes, the affected can may have leg weakness and seizures.

Question of race and age
Finally, there are races with a tendency to tremble. Both Chihuahua as the Yorkshire terrier are prone to tremors for virtually any reason, such as enthusiasm for a greeting, joy go for a walk or just to spend time with you.
Moreover, age matters. Elderly dogs may tremble due to the passage of time and physical deterioration. If you do not suffer from any disease, tremors occur generally during sleep or rest, not moving. When the quakes cannot be at rest and also tremor is located recalls paragraph 2: You may suffer arthritis or other inflammatory disease.
Whatever the reason may adversely affect the health of your dog, you should go to the vet as soon as possible to determine the actual cause that explains why your dog trembles and start the best treatment.

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