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What are the long term effects of cocaine use?

What are the long term effects of cocaine use

Because cocaine is a highly addictive drug, it is very difficult for a person who tries to predict or control how far or continue lustfully consuming. Also, if the person becomes addicted, the risk of relapse is high even after long periods of abstinence

Being repeatedly exposed to cocaine, the brain begins to adapt to it and the reward pathway becomes less sensitive to natural reinforcements and the drug itself. The consumer can develop tolerance, which means you will need a growing drug or should consume more often to get the same pleasure as when you first started using doses. At the same time, consumers can also become more sensitive (sensitization) to anxiety, seizures or other toxic effects of cocaine.

Cocaine is commonly consumed repeatedly and in increasing doses (in “binges”), which can lead to a state of irritability, restlessness and paranoia and may even cause a full-blown paranoid psychosis in which meaning is lost reality and experiences auditory hallucinations. By increasing the dose or frequency of consumption, also it increases the risk of adverse psychological or physiological effects.

Adverse reactions resulting from cocaine use vary depending on how it is administered. For example, regular inhalation may swallowing problems, nosebleeds, loss of sense of smell, hoarseness, and an overall irritation of the nasal septum, which can cause chronic irritation condition and output discharge from the nose. When ingested, cocaine can cause severe gangrene in the intestines because it reduces blood flow. In addition, people who inject cocaine have puncture marks and poisonous paths known as “tracks”, usually on the forearms. Intravenous users can also experience allergic reactions, either the drug or some of the additives that are added to cocaine on the street and in the most severe cases, these reactions can cause death. Chronic use causes loss of appetite causing many consumers has a significant weight loss and malnourishment.

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