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What is the favorite food of cats

What is the favorite food of cats

If you want your cat stays healthy and happy throughout his life it is important that you feed it properly. In this sense, you should be aware that this kind of cat is carnivorous, so you should provide it with the nutrients it needs, which are mostly protein and animal fats, plus taurine, an essential amino acid.
We know what the cat needs in terms of food, but are you aware of what your favorite food? Here we give the keys to find out.

Factors influencing preferences cat
Important is that you consider that, like humans, cats have different tastes, which means we cannot speak of a favorite food in general. What we can say is that their preferences depend on both the smell and texture. ¡And that’s not all! Other factors also influence the choice, such as temperature, noise, and the presence of humans or other animals, light.

Favorite foods

cat eating food
Some experts say that cats love the industrially prepared foods as snacks, in addition to the viscera, although the latter should not abuse food. On the other hand, you should be aware that prefer cooked fish rather than meat, especially salmon and monkfish. Therefore, these fish are often included in canned foods for cats. As for meat, they prefer raw, red and veal.

Foods that do not like
Foods that do not seem like anything to cats are vegetables and legumes. However, this type of food is very good for health of human.

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