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What is the Perfect age for Yoga?

What is the Perfect age for Yoga

Surely, when we hear about yoga, we imagine a woman in her early adulthood, thin and with a ponytail. However, this is only a stereotype, since you can start practicing yoga at any age: from baby or from the golden age.

Yoga is an activity that connects body, mind and soul. It is an activity that provides benefits such as good blood circulation, mental tranquility, toning of muscles and combat against stress. So of course you can practice yoga at any age and depending on what stage of life begins to practice, will change the positions, intensity and duration of the sessions.

Baby yoga

Yes, when we say that you can practice yoga at any age, we even refer to newborns! Certainly, a baby needs to make induced positions very gently and always under the supervision of a trained person. This is because the bodies are more delicate at such an early age.

Between the benefits that are emphasized when practicing yoga from babies they are the increase of the flexibility of the column, the strengthening of arms and legs and the positive contribution to the emotional balance. The application of breathing and relaxation to combat anxiety and help concentration are other benefits.

In addition, this practice strengthens the bond between the parents and the child since, during the sessions, it is important to talk with the baby and smile. The sessions begin with massages on the feet, then on the legs and arms until reaching the head.

A yoga practice for babies can start with duration of 20 minutes. It can be extended to 45 or 60 minutes, as we create the habit with the baby.

Yoga for children

The ideal age for children to start doing yoga on their own, although under the supervision of an adult, is at 4 years old. At that age they are able to understand each exercise, maintain a good level of concentration and perform the postures properly without risk of injury.

This is an age in which children have a lot of energy and want to know about everything around them. Yoga will help you to calm down and relax thanks to breathing exercises. On the other hand, childhood is the period in which we grow, develop and create our own habits. Yoga will help to strengthen muscles and maintain elasticity.

Starting the practice of yoga from an early age could mean the habit of maintaining it for the rest of life and enjoy its benefits in each stage of it. It is important that we do short sessions with the children so that they do not get bored and always approach it like a game.

Yoga for Teenagers:

Adolescence is, without a doubt, a stage of complexity. Many things change, from our body to the perception of the world and practicing yoga helps to cope with these changes.

Again, breathing exercises are very useful at the moment of an important test, for example. The anguish generated by academic assessments that come with more stress than during childhood can be reduced considerably with good breathing.

On the other hand, there are positions specially designed to combat the insecurity of your body that is changing, the uncertainty of not knowing where you belong and the hesitations about your beliefs and your future. It is considered necessary 5 to 10 minutes in each position to achieve good results.

Yoga in Adulthood:

With the stress of daily life: university, work, interpersonal relationships, domestic responsibilities or unexpected health, among many other situations, many times we do not reserve a time for ourselves. And it is just this moment in which we need it most.

Yoga relieves stress and makes us healthier people. It is true that as adults it is more difficult to achieve flexibility and we are generally more reluctant to change. However, everything is possible with perseverance. In addition, yoga is specially designed to cope with chaotic situations of adulthood.

One hour of session will be enough to connect with ourselves and, at the same time, help us to tone up our body. We will learn to take more control of our mind and body.

There are situations such as pregnancy, menstruation or some health problems that we must take into consideration when we want to do yoga. It is important to notify our instructor if we have any special conditions. In this way, we will avoid counterproductive positions and replace them with those ideal for us.

It is important to require our body more and more to perfect the technique and improve our physical condition. However, we must be aware of our limitations so as not to injure ourselves.

Yoga for Seniors:

Yoga for Seniors

It’s never too late to start practicing yoga! We already said that you can practice yoga at any age. As time goes by, our body begins to undergo changes that normally degrade our quality of life such as:

  • Rigidity
  • Hypertension
  • Increase in body fat
  • Osteoporosis
  • Back pains
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Blood circulation problems
  • Vision problems

Yoga contributes to improve these conditions. With the conscious breathing of yoga, for example, we manage to slow down the heart rate, improve focus and increase concentration.

It is important to keep in mind that our body is not the same when we step on our golden years. That is why we must be careful when making the positions. Your instructor should be aware of your abilities as well as your ailments. It is advisable to do each position more slowly and carefully, keep them for a short time.

Beginning to practice yoga at any age is possible. The benefits that we obtain in each stage of our life will lead us to live healthier.

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