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Which Syrup Take to stop Coughing

Which Syrup Take to stop CoughingWhen we have the feeling of being sick our first reaction is to run to the medicine cabinet and start taking any drug to stop the disease as soon as possible. Not consult with your doctor or a pharmacist and, in most cases, do not even read the prospectus of what we make.

Basically, we automedicamos a risky and wrong way, we eat the first pills or syrups that we believe will help curb the disease in question. Well because we have made in the past or because you have done any other family member.

When buying a medication also act similarly driven by the desire to start medication as soon as possible to recover as soon as possible. In that case sometimes we are victims of advertising, bought a specific drug because remember his name for having seen in commercials, or because the box we see familiar, something we associate with effectiveness.

There is no doubt that this is not the right way to take medication. And if we think coolly, we not lose much recovery time if we stop to read the prospectus of the different syrups we have at home, or if we approach the nearest pharmacy for advice about which drugs are most recommended for our ailment in question.

This procedure is often dramatized when we have mild disease, but very annoying, like a cold, sore throat or cough. They are common ailments and nearly every house there medicines to palliate left over from previous times when we, or anyone in the household, he has been ill.

Coughing can be of various types, and we need specific syrup

One of the ailments that are most commonly taking the wrong medication, mainly due to ignorance, is when we cough. Everyone assumes that the cough syrup cure, but we refer to a drug so vague as any beverage that is present in bottle and come accompanied by a spoon.

There is no universal cough syrup

We neither know that cough syrup cure and soothe the throat, but often surprised to discover that we are not all alike, nor are used for the same situations. When we go to the pharmacy asked a “cough syrup” and are surprised when the professional who is across the counter we start asking details about the ailment.

Dry cough? Is it from the chest or throat? Do you have other symptoms like fever or mucus? What seems to us interrogation nonsense, really it makes sense. To all these questions it is simply to determine what type of cough we have to provide the medicine more suited to it.

Not the same a dry cough with mucus or a one that comes from the throat against which makes the chest. Taking cough syrup will not get the wrong cure, but the discomfort will go more in front of our growing unrest.

Identify the type of cough

The first thing to do before taking any type of medication is to identify the type of cough we suffer. Basically there are two types of cough, which helps us to know clearly what is and therefore we must take to combat it. There is a dry cough, one that dries our throats, which can be very insistent but not accompanied by anything else, but can end up appearing nasal congestion. Irritation of the airways will more and, if not cure correctly and quickly, can become cough with mucus.

Cough with mucus is the other, one in which expectorar and while we cough, “we started ‘phlegm found lodged in the throat. The mucus indicates a bacterial infection, and once phlegm cough tends to disappear is eliminated. It is equally uncomfortable because the mucus can reach clog the airways and difficult for us to sleep or breathe normally.

Dry cough from the throat, which irritates continuously, but does not cause respiratory problems, except by way runs turn into coughing up mucus. This, in turn, comes from the chest and affects all airways that are clogged, making their work difficult.

The specific syrup

As seen above, the two types of cough have origins and different symptoms and affect different parts of our body. Therefore, treatment to receive in each case is different. Both are controlled through a specific syrup and in the case of cough with mucus, other medicines may be incorporated to treatment, as is a process that has more viral symptoms.

In the latter case what is required is a mucolytic expectorant or syrup. The goal of both is to get rid of the mucus in the airways, freeing them and allowing better breathing. What they do is act on the secretion traquobronquial expectoration for more effective and comfortable-the mucolytic- and stimulate mucus expulsion mechanisms for faster expectorant -the disappearance.

Our pharmacist will ask for the type and origin of the cough to guide

For dry cough suffer what is needed is to take antitussive syrups, which are those containing dextromethorphan. Its goal is to relieve cough and try to eliminate it by acting on the part of the brain responsible for it.

Cough does not go away taking syrup

In the case of dry cough may be the case that we begin to take cough suppressant syrup, it indicated for these cases, and we see that the cough does not go away. The reason is that this medicine does not act directly on cough or symptoms, but you’re looking to relieve the discomfort it causes.

This type of cough tends to disappear on its own or become a expectorativa cough. Until that happens the only thing that can be achieved with syrups to relieve symptoms softening throat. Its soft texture and sweet flavor usual help the discomfort will decrease.

Other cough

Dry cough and expectorant are the two main there, but not the only why a person may cough temporarily or continuously. The cough is also associated with allergies. Upon contact with something that causes us reaction, one of the symptoms is coughing. No specific to treat syrup, which is recommended, is to aerate the space where one is and take specific medications that allergy. Thus r coughing and other symptoms associated with it.

It is also common for a smoker cough. Hers tends to be a dry cough that will not heal with cough syrup. It comes derived from toxic substances in smoke snuff and that affects the bronchi and lungs. Although there are medications or natural remedies that can help relieve coughs of smokers, the only effective treatments are to quit smoking, thus gradually cleaned the organs associated with the respiratory system.

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