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Why do women cry so much in pregnancy?

Why do women cry so much in pregnancy

I heard that so many times during my pregnancies I came to think that he had any mental problem. However, talking to my obstetrician I learned that mourn is completely normal; I said there are several reasons for this.

It is very rare that a pregnant woman can sleep all night because of it weariness seizes it as untimely.
This fatigue occurs more frequently during the first quarter because of nausea and hormonal change, and during the third quarter belly discomfort brings. This makes our mind is affected and tiredness make us more sensitive and cry even by the slightest thing.

Hormonal change
Hormones have an important role in pregnancy and revolutions are protagonists have much to do with our mood swings, especially as we become bipolar women.
Surely when you were not pregnant you could avoid mourn, but now unfortunately hormones make you cry a lot!

Pregnant women are very unsure of themselves, especially weight gain and change in general of his body.
It is likely to feel bad about everything waxen fat, but that is a sign that the pregnancy is going well and that you should just take care of yourself a little. Obviously you cry because you are very sensitive about it.

Fears and fears
I think this is the worst part of pregnancy, if I will have cried! Anxiety, waiting and not knowing at all times as was my baby, took me more than once to fear the worst, it would have given what I have to be connected to an ultrasound machine 24 hours!

Surely it happens to you the same thing happened to me. Some of the most common fears are having a miscarriage, lack of movement of the baby or a problem is discovered during pregnancy.
Pregnant women are very weepy, but have their reasons! Any of these reasons are more than valid because, usually, hormones play a trick and can cause a tear fall.
When someone tells you you’re too sensitive, tell them about the article to understand why-and mourn leave you alone!

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