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Why it has changed the character of my dog

Why it has changed the character of my dog

The character of your dog may change due to various factors, life experiences and even for no reason at the time.
As a result they may become more sympathetic, fearful and even grumpy, in this article we want to orient yourself so you know what causes that can change or modify the behavior of a dog.
There are many different causes that may influence this change such as castration, poor socialization or other everyday problems. Read on to know why it has changed the character of my dog.

Reasons for my dog has changed the character
Your best friend also has feelings. Remember that some causes that have a direct relationship with you or not, you can feel lonely, sad, anxious, worried, tired … The mental imbalance generates suffering discomfort which results in a change in behavior. Unstable and intense energy that can contain is transmitted and causes negative excitement in the dog.

What should we do to get started?
Like humans, the dog needs a healthy mental and physical balance. We must ensure that all your basic needs for a walk, play, cleaning and food are met; we talked about the five freedoms, the basic welfare of the dog. Both get home and on the street, we have to be aggressive but stay relaxed, show an exemplary attitude for him and dominate the situation ourselves. No master and understand the situation generates that your pet wants to take over.

What are the most common reasons for the change of character of a dog?

Castration: It is very common for a character change occurs after neutering your pet. We may find a relaxed and submissive dog or rather the opposite.

Aging: In old age our dog undergoes physical and mental changes such as the loss of some capabilities. For this reason, we can see a change of more unsociable or more passive.

Sexual maturity: At this stage of growth the dog explores changes in your body. It is very important that we continue to support during this phase socialization with other pets, people and environment. You must learn to behave in this new stage of his life.

New pet: If we add a new dog or cat in the family can be that our beloved dog or show jealous behavior dominance before him. Although it is normal behavior is very important to respect the new member. We will put limits although it is very important that we keep telling that he is above (hierarchically) of the new pet.

Disease: A sick dog may show abnormal behavior. If you think behavior change can be related to some kind of disease do not wait and take your pet to the vet.

Incorrect Socialization: If your dog has not learned from puppyhood the importance of properly play with other dogs should teach him how to do even if it is an adult dog. Never stop encourage socialization with other members of their species and even humans. Very important.

Changes in the environment: If you’ve decided to move house to an apartment, you’ve private without realizing their toys or spend much time alone lately, have to ask yourself if these are the reasons that your dog is changing its character.

Loss of a loved one: Whether it is another dog or a human, the dog feels in her flesh that loss like you. It is a psychological problem to be handled with care, providing the animal new stimuli and motivations that distract you and help you over the hump.

Baby at home: The arrival of a small baby home crowd can generate jealousy and envy in the dog. Although it is very important that the distance between the newcomer and our pet stays, we will try each to have attention, care and pampering alike. Foster a good relationship between the two is essential.

Aggressiveness: Aggressiveness is a serious behavior problem as it feeds back and creates other problems of this same list. It should be treated by a specialist.

Depression: Many symptoms may indicate that our dog is suffering from depression (lack of appetite, avoid games, not relate) and is often caused by some reason. We look for the trigger to fix the problem.

Anxiety: The lack of relationship with other dogs or basic unmet need may be grounds for anxiety. Find out what is the problem that generates anxiety in your pet to fix it as soon as possible.

Miscommunication: Not always a dog and his master understood perfectly. It is important to know and inform us about language and how to treat dog. If the dog and you are not in the same wave can cause confusion and discomfort in the environment that will directly affect their character.
Phobias and fears: It is true that many dogs are afraid of certain elements (other dogs, water, cats, cars, firecrackers …) if that which causes fear in our dog is inevitable and is present in their everyday environment we practice a socialization process to understand that our pet should not fear that element, or at least learn to ignore it. Although resulting from a bad experience is never too late to help you overcome your fears and apprehensions.

Reshape the character of your dog
Having identified the problem, we must know that we are who we will encourage the everyday our pet re display the stability it had before and recover the usual character. Avoid at all costs the problem worse.
You can be very useful to go to a specialist who will guide them in the problems of behavior change, will argue your mistakes and improve your technique. If you do not have this option for economic or other reasons, you should work yourself and hire you thoroughly.
As I have already mentioned above, the change of character of your dog due to a mental imbalance that your pet is suffering and can become chronic if you do not put remedy. Avoid at all costs pulls belt, aggressiveness, nervousness before him, etc. We act in a very calm manner in the presence of these changes and will promote take more sociable and relaxed attitudes.

The translation of the emotions of your dog
Many people understand perfectly when it is explained that display relaxed and firm with your dog, but time, do not understand what the changes mean behavior and adopt attitudes of nervousness or intolerance of emotions enigmatic dog.
To avoid negative situations and produce instability must adapt to our language can, for this we give you some tips:

My dog whines when he sees another dog: Dogs are social beings that can be better or worse with others, remember that there will always be best friends. If you look at this pitiful behavior at the time when sees another pet simply means that your dog wants to run, chase and have fun with a companion of his kind, still you should always be cautious. We will congratulate its relaxed and positive behavior with kind words and candies and never will force you to interact if you do not fancy.

My dog stares at other dogs or objects: Even if your dog does not bark, growl or become aggressive, you can see that maintains an attitude of excessive alert when he meets other dogs. It has raised tail and ears as well. Too engrossed time means that anxiety dog and fixing that can or object are increasing. On this occasion we suggest you grasp your attention and make you disconnect the stimulus that makes you stay alert. always congratulate you ignore and come with you is a good trick if sometimes it is somewhat intolerant of other pets, this way you encourage you to pay attention during the walk, something positive between them.

Other emotions of your dog
If the dog language translation is not enough to understand his psychology and the reasons for the change of character, we recommend you go to a specialist or to continue informing and shaping you to know in more detail the attitude and behavior of your pet.
Do not forget to browse our website to know the different articles on dog behavior problems, you will find them all different and very useful for solving everyday problems information.

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