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Why the women were swollen belly in menopause

Why the women were swollen belly in menopause

To prevent grease from accumulating and we swell the belly area and also facilitate the cleansing of the body is essential to monitor our diet. Most women who are near menopause or are living and complain that they swell the bellies no apparent reason, despite following the same rhythm of life forever.

In this article we explain what can be caused and what natural solutions help us regain the belly we had before.

Woman with hands on belly

Although some women find that, in general, are more likely to gain weight. It is very common that many others only notice that they swollen belly very easily. The hardest thing to understand is that these women follow the same routine they had before, eating the same amounts and performing the same exercise.

However, menopause causes changes in the body that force us to take measures to rebalance the body and does not accumulate fat in the belly area. We must understand, first, that in the womb the female reproductive tract and the intestine are. If these organs undergo change, it is likely to be reflected in our belly.

How is the gut

When women stop having menstrual periods, although in many cases it is a relief, we must also bear in mind that a path of natural purification is completed. One of the organs most often suffer this change is the intestine, especially in women who have suffered from lifelong constipation. If we cut a channel for removing toxins from the body, this can overload the others.

It is therefore essential to provide the natural purification of the body and the bowel function in a healthy way, especially for those women who were swollen belly.

The first step to take into account women who were swollen belly is to regulate the intestine:

If you suffer from constipation may take flaxseed put into soak overnight, prunes, psyllium, oat, beet and vegetables high fiber foods generally also drink plenty of water during the day.

If you suffer from diarrhea or irritable bowel can take psyllium, green tea, oatmeal or kudzu in addition to regulating the nervous system.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes that are experienced in this period can also facilitate insulin resistance by lowering estrogen levels, which facilitates the accumulation of fat in the belly. To combat it we must begin by reducing the consumption of sugars and carbohydrates and increase protein and healthy fats: Eliminate sugars and sugary foods from the diet, and replace them with small amounts of honey, agave syrup, molasses and Stevia.

Remove grains and refined flours and, whenever possible, wheat

Choose other whole grains such as oats, spelled, quinoa, millet, buckwheat etc.

Increase consumption of protein, especially vegetable (legumes, nuts, mushrooms, etc.). Animal protein chooses organic meat of poultry, fish and egg.

Regulate glucose

To help regulate glucose, in addition to following these nutritional guidelines, we can also make medicinal teas cinnamon and Stevia, two natural remedies that help us reduce blood sugar levels if we take throughout the day. Stevia should be pure, leaf or extract, but not refined, since it has no medicinal properties. We will take two or three cups a day.


As a natural supplement we emphasize the maca, an Andean tuber that is excellent for women in menopause because it regulates hormone levels naturally and without side effects. In addition, calm other symptoms such as hot flashes or lack of libido, gives energy, improves mood, prevents osteoporosis, improves memory and enhances the health of skin and hair.

How do we take?

We can take between 3 and 9 grams of maca powder, mixed with water, juice or food breakfast. We can start with small amounts and gradually increase to reach 9 grams (1 tablespoon).

Also we can be found in capsules or tablets, but then it is more difficult to regulate the dosage.

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