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Yoga Tips and Precautions in Pregnancy

Yoga Tips and Precautions in Pregnancy

Stretching exercises help tone muscles and increase flexibility in the joints, but during pregnancy should take some precautions, as not all the positions and movements are recommended.

  • The decreased blood flow to the uterus

Avoid postures in which you have lying face down for long periods. Such positions decrease blood flow to the uterus. It is not recommended after the first quarter.

  • Avoid abdominal tear

During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin that allows the growth of the uterus and relaxation of muscles and joints is released. Avoid movements that stretch the abdominal muscles too, could suffer a tear.

  • Do not do push-ups or demanding stretches more than you can give.
  • Make the positions with shorter, avoid fatigue.
  • In practice you should not feel any difficulty or interruption in breathing when making positions in each asana you should keep loose and open belly to ease breathing.
  • When bending asanas, avoid pushups in which you can compress the baby, keep your spine straight and chest up high so the baby can move easily.
  • Make the positions comfortably and protecting the baby’s life.

By trimester:

  • First trimester

It is the most exciting and delicate moment, the change is significant. It is likely to start with nausea and digestive problems, which can take you energy to perform some postures or asanas. You can choose to perform much quieter and relaxing accommodations. At this stage, the changes will lead to a meditative state. “Baddhakonasana” or Pinza in Mariposa will help connect and physical energy with the chakra located in the pelvic region where the baby is.

  • Second quarter

Ligaments and muscles are more flexible; general state and energy increase, which gives us a chance to make more positions. At this stage, you should make gentle movements to relieve pain or discomfort so common in the lower back area. It is convenient to gently stretch the vertebrae with twists and makes longer forward and up.

“Upavistha Konasana” or range facilitates the passage of urine, emptying the bladder. Pelvic remains widespread, giving room for the baby to move. You strengthen the spine.

When you change posture to another, do it slowly and carefully to keep his balance. Help yourself belts, chairs or on the same wall.

  • Third trimester

Physically track changes, pubic joint soften preparing for childbirth. Centralizes practice “squat”, this position helps you to open the pelvis for the descent of the baby (frog posture). It is important to incorporate relaxation and breathing exercises to strengthen the body, improve health and relax the nerves of the mother. It gives mental health and increases happiness by purifying the mind. The recommended position is “Savasana” as suggestion, practice it at least twice a day (morning and evening), or as much as possible, without requiring more your body, especially when you feel the need to rest.

Remember that all thoughts and emotions you have, they will feel your baby. Try to maintain an environment of peace, calm and tranquility.

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