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5 Natural Antibiotics Properties and Uses

The resistance that bacteria have reached to current antibiotics is becoming one of the main problems of current medicine in the world. It seems that current antibiotics only postpone the problem, since the bacteria will become resistant to these drugs. If the antibiotics had been controlled and their use had …

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5 benefits of green vegetables for health

Green vegetables every day star more dishes on our table. For its multiple benefits and versatility, spinach, broccoli or chard, for example, have become part of our daily diet. If you still do not have a relevant place in your table, it is time for you to take note of …

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Benefits properties and uses of avocado

This fruit is usually yellow, green, or reddish brown. It has the shape of a pear and a very nice flavor, perfect to accompany many dishes in the world. One of the popular and erroneous beliefs about avocado is that its fat is “detrimental” to health, totally false assertion. In …

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